traditional drying

traditional drying

With a drying capacity of 700 m3 and thanks to the extensive stock of material subject to seasoning, we are able to better handle any request for dried material.


The drying process always starts with the precise maturation of the material, as the time necessary for the material to settle. Proper seasoning prevents any cracking issues and helps contain processing costs whilst offering the best material at a competitive price.


The figures offer a good understanding of the volumes we can produce, availing of our seven dryers with a total capacity of 700 m3.


For over 30 years, we have accumulated experience in and knowledge of this drying methodology, being a fundamental part of our production process that has made us strong and competitive over the years. The normal humidity value achievable with conventional dryers is 14%, with a manageable volume being 50 to 100 m3 for each cycle.


Equilibrium is the focal point of traditional drying – a perfect balance of humidity and temperature in order to prevent any defects in the material and to obtain the best results in the time available.