manual selection and verification of packages

manual selection and verification of packages

There are operations in which no machine can ever replace the experience and “touch” of an operator. Hence why we did not seek to mechanise the material selection and classification process. Respecting the strict procedures, we select and divide the material into precise categories whilst maintaining the quality parameters over time.


Following the trimming operations, the material is measured and verified manually by the operator. In accordance with the customer’s requests, the material can be divided by lengths to create single-length packages.


We define quality as the totality of features and characteristics and the properties of a product, process or service, offering the ability to meet the customer’s implied or expressed needs. Our priority is to ensure that the quality is the same for every batch of material, guaranteed thanks to precise standards and a constant monitoring of the material.

preparation of packages

Presentation is also important, which is why our packages are prepared manually and coloured according to the quality of the material to be distinguishable from the outset. Specifically for the Oak, we use the colour blue for Luxury, green for Prestige and white for Rustic categories.