commitment to the environment and sustainability

Commitment to the environment and Sustainability
The environment and sustainability have always been central themes in Andrighetti Legnami’s efforts. Installed in our factory in Padua is a solar power system covering an area of 1,200 square metres, capable of producing over 90 kW/hour at full capacity – enough to satisfy most of the energy needs of traditional dryers.
EUTR: European Timber Regulation, an instrument to combat the illegal entry of timber into the European territory. In order to control the legality of free wood-paper forest management, the Timber Regulation introduces the obligation for companies to adopt Due Diligence practices that apply specific risk analyses and management procedures, along with providing information to ensure product traceability. To be always up-to-date on new procedures and regulations, Andrighetti has long been a member of Conlegno, having always worked at the forefront of the law to combat deforestation and promote the market for legal wood incentives to companies that do not harm the environment and the socio-economic conditions of the exporting countries.